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Payment Post: Updates About Our Payment Status

All Current Infos Regarding Payments, Balances, and Our measures to pay them!

yup, its a full blown post this time. there are a few things to talk about, and i want to make sure we address them all without spamming your Dashboards. so we all reccomend you to atleast read the TL;DR as its important and may help everyone in getting their payments quicker. the things i want to talk about in this post are: paypal, BTC's Rise and other things!

(some) Finished Payments!

A Bunch Of People Were able to withdraw their cryptos for the first time in a long time yesterday! Collectively You guys Managed to Drain 250$ in 48 hours. we would have loved to get everyone their payments, however both paypal and BTC Decided to do us over on that one ;/
The reason that only some people were able to get their crypto was due to paypal giving us a problem with payments. (more on that below). so we simply had not enough to make an announcement (as this would have meant that the funds would be gone within hours, leaving countless people feel like they've been lied to). so we ended up deciding to wait with the announcement until paypal would finish up their problems so we could get a reasonable ammount at once. this didnt happen though, as people simply tried to withdraw and found that it worked. so with no announcement you guys were able to withdraw all our funds.


Paypal's Issues!

One thing we Had Forgot to think about is paypal being very sensetive with the ammounts you sent. therefore when we sent money from paypal to buy crypto, paypal decided that it was too fraudulent for them so they would lock our account and put our transactions on pending. this meant that only our first payment of 250$ went through and got converted to crypto. We Contacted paypal, but have been unable to get a direct awnser about it (practically being told there is nothing we can do other than to wait). which means that our funds may be on hold for an undisclosed time. this is ofcourse an unplanned setback, but we are prepared to fight against it (More on this in the TL;DR).


The BTC Bulls Escaped!

Everyone is most likely aware that BTC has Risen by allmost 25% since the beginning of the month! as someone believing in crypto this ofcourse made me happy! however at the same time it made me have serious thoughts about what this means for the pending balances on mainly because: everyone who had funds on here just got a 25% bonus - this also meant that balances went from the 550$ we had originally planned for, to over 700$ (which we 100% didnt plan for).

ofcourse no one got their balances multiplied by 125%, but the USD value of their balances did raise by that much. meaning that these 250$ which were planned to cover half of all balances only covered a third! this will go down alot once the second half of payments comes on, however with the current setup we'll likely have pending payments over the course of this month.


TL;DR: How can we Overcome this situation?

this is the only important part for you if you dont believe/care about everything above. as a quick summary: payments are in a bit of a limbo situation as both paypal and BTC has given us an unfavorable situation. the way we plan to resolve this is by shifting users to earning methods which pay faster and directly to FH instead of in USD. we wont dicontinue the earning methods we offer, as we believe everyone should beable to earn however they wish! however we reccomend these earning methods as it means that we will beable to pay more frequently.

we reccomend the following Methods:
MoreTVtime - A Service that pays Daily! this means that the more users we can get to use this service the more currency will have to pay payments the next day. its not as established as or, however it has a few adventages we'd like to mention:
Hold Period: = 60 days || MoreTVtime = 0-1 day
Payout/Minute: = 75 bits || MoreTVtime = 150 bits
Availability: = Selected Countries only || MoreTVtime = ALL countries

JSEmining - JSE mining is something we've quietly introduced after the 1.4 update. since then we've been testing it and established it as a great way to earn Bits! we've added the option to mine it on our site, however we still reccomend to Sign up with JSE as it gives Higher Hashrates, More Control and easier Integration with RS. (they even have a desktop app you can use with your account!). JSE Pays fast and is The most efficient miner out there at the moment! it uses minimal resources to generate JSE. its easy to use with CoinCode and we reccomend everyone to try it out!

Shortlinks - We Still Offer Shortlinks and now try to offer Shorteners that pay frequently, therefore we also reccomend you to try it out!

these methods are Paying fast, and allow us to get funds on FH quickly. Compared to Offerwalls and the other video options which pay in USD only and only at the end of the month.

Payment Proofs

Here are some Payment Proofs Showing How you guys Oblitterated those 250$, everyone can verify this by looking at the Faucetlist and searching each currency!
If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want us to let us know of your oppinion write us a mail at [email protected]

Posted: 01.01.70
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