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1.4 Update - Reward Recalculation, and more

Though we are still fighting the battle of getting enough cryptocurrency to pay you guys, we've been at work developing the 1.4 update. we've continued to listen to your requests and are still looking into developing features that benefit both you and us. in this update, one of these features may get mixed results, so we are ready to awnser any questions you may have for us: simply send us a mail!

this update features: New Offerwalls, a Miner to Mine Bits and a few changes to rewards and leveling!

NOTE: due to a total of 750$ in missing payments from shorteners we are forced to Soft-Disable alot of Shorteners, this is the core root of our current payment problems. due to this we've delayed the v1.4 update until now. we hope that we can help improve the situation with the changes in this update.

hello everyone! the V1.4 Update is here! at first glance this update may not look as feature packed as the previous ones, however we did add a few features to help you earn more bits, but we've also taken a big effort to restructure some aspects of the site that may not be instantly obvious.

the first update is the introduction of the Mining option. we now offer both Web and software mining, which allow you to let your computer earn bits for you. the benefits are: no work required, great for letting it run while away (sleep, work, school, or any other activity not involving your pc), and more. as of now we only offer Web and software versions. but if you are a site owner or own a blog, write us a mail and we'll provide you with a script tag to monetize your users.

we've done some slight modifications to our offerwalls. we've added our internal offer log to accurately track any confirmations we recieve. this also allows us to inform you if any reversals happen. we've also added more offerwalls, the newly added Offerwalls are: KiwiWall, Superrewards, Pollfish and AyetWall. For the Users that were using Videos to earn their bits: good news! we've included 2 new services! Smores's sister site is still in the process of adding us as a partner, however we expect this process to finish up however we also invite everyone to try out our second new provider: MoreTVtime. MoreTVtime is a similliar service that pays higher than smores. and we've decided to put a nice promo on MoreTVtime to celebrate its release; more on this down below

the most important change to us that comes with this update: is a major reward recaculation. before we outline the changes we want to show the current situation as it is prior to the new change. when we first launched the autofaucet, we manually set each value for every currency according to the current exchange rates, i ended up drafting this up on my phone during my work break. so there was no math involved or any system that did the work for us. both XP values and Reward Values were set manually - and it worked! the rates worked out, it wasnt too hard to levelup, but also not too easy and people were liking it alot. i didnt realize the problems this would cause as we forgot one crucial thing about cryptocurrencies - they are very volatile. this kept worsening over time and after 130 days, we finaly realized that this needs to change. to show the damage this ended up doing: here are some graphs.

all values were converted to usd and then divided by the average, so these graphs show the offset from the average. over those 130 days, some currencies moved alot. LTC and POT rewards were 1.8x of the average reward, and BCH was 0.4x the average reward. we realized that this was a big issue, so we set out to redo these values, and future-proof our system. we did feel like the average reward was sufficient and didnt want to change it, so we tried to recalculate our rewards along this average. we made a handy comparison graph aswell to show the difference

so these rewards are very balanced. this is ensured by the fact that we now use math and exchange rates which get recalculated every hour. this ensures that even in another 130 days our rewards are still at the same rate that they are now.

another big change is that we've recalculated the XP needed to levelup. this is now adjusted for the increase in xp our users have gotten since the addition of offerwalls. since we launched the offerwalls, people were able to run the autofaucet 24/7. paired with the 5x (now 3x multiplier) they were able to level up very fast. we took the chance and decided to use a formula to calculate the xp needed for each level. appart from increasing the xp needed for level 1 to 1500xp, we changed the way xp scales aswell. we made a handy graph, to show the difference in how it scales. old xp curve vs new xp curve
as you can see, instead of gradually increasing the xp value each level, we now use a formula that starts of slow and has most of its increase in the mid levels. as the xp ammount gets higher and higher, the highest levels end up having allmost now xp increase between them as we believe that it will be hard enough to progress at this point

some may ask themselves: what about those who allready reached level 15 on a currency? well the awnser is simple, they are lucky - very lucky. we initially though about decreasing everyone's level by a bit, but it would be very unfair to take away the level our users had allready earned, especially as we knowlingly set these values that way.

one thing we are thinking about is that we may increase the max level in the future. but for this update these will be all the changes made.

Promo Time:

This is the last thing we wanted to address: Promo Events! you've seen it the last few days with a 5% Promo for OfferDaddy. we wanted to quickly address which offers will get a promo and why
the following earning methods will have promotions running for them:
Mining: 10% Bonus Per Conversion (due to math reasons this only works for conversion of over 10 bits)
MoreTVtime Video Earning: 10% Bonus on each conversion
OfferDaddy: 5% on Each Offer
KiwiWall: 5% on each Offer
Note: these promos get applied ontop of the value you see when completing the offer (an offer from OfferDady that rewards 10000 bits will add 10500 bits to your balance
why do we promote these methods? We want them to gain more traffic the reason is as it can help us clear up our situation! there is also a reason why we divide these promos up in 10% and 5% aswell. the reason these earning methods get a promo is simple: they pay crypto. however why do mining and MoreTVtime get 10% they dont just pay crypto - they also pay fast.

dont get us wrong, these 750$ missing funds may sound scary, and they are loosing me my precious hair ontop of my head. but they arent 100% gone, and dont make up all of our earnings. however the other half of our revenue is still held in offerwalls. these will take a while to process our payments, so there is a serious benefit for you guys to try out Mining and MoreTVtime: its because they pay crypto within days.

this is the end of the post, its propably one of the longest ones i've written but it was important to us to show why we did this rather important change. there may be some of you that were about to levelup, but are now stuck back by the new xp ammounts. and we know people who claimed LTC and POT may be dissapointed in the decrease, however we hope that you can understand the importance of these changes. we believe the changes will help very much with our lack of funds situation, we hope you have a great day everybody!

Posted: 01.01.70
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