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Christmas Event + Contest [ENDED]!

The Christmas Event and Contest have ended! thank you for participating (Winners below)

the support for the V1.2 Update has been amazing thus far, and it motivates us even more to continue bringing new features to the site!
the next thing to focus on though is the christmas time. allthough we would have preferred to make something more grand for christmas,
we've set up a quick event and contest to spice up the holidays. the contest results are out! please scroll down to see the winners + a participation bonus!:
The Event
The Contest
lets get into it!

The Event!

The Event is Pretty simple. during the christmas time you will now see random Presents Appear on your claimtab. these presents will reward you with Bits or Currency! they aren't easy to find, but their rewards go upto 2500 Bits! we expect that there should be about 1 per claim session (dont rely on that though). there is no limit to how many presents you can find, you just have to catch them. because they will dissapear after a few minutes!

The Contest

to make things more interresting we will also held a contest about finding presents! the person that finds the most presents will win the contest (with 4 runner ups, meaning that there will be 5 main winners)!
the results are out! check the list below if you've won any of the 5 main prizes! but dont worry, you can see the participation reward below!
the main rewards are the following:

1st place: 6000 Bits, 4 Currency levels*

Winner: lubo222 with 209 Presents!

2nd place: 4000 Bits, 2 Currency levels*

Winner: cvb02 with 130 Presents!
3nd place: 3000 Bits, 1 Currency levels*

Winner: DOGEATER9000 with 101 Presents!
4th place: 2500 Bits

Winner: Confidant5 with 85 Presents!
5th place: 2000 Bits

Winner: bokachi with 65 Presents!
Winner: rahuljain20050 with 65 Presents!
Participation Reward: 25 Bits Per Present!

Winner: Everyone!

the total ammount of presents everyone claimed was: 4850!

its amazing how many people participated. and we hope everyone enjoys the rewards they've gotten!
i've sent some emails to the main winners, please respond for me to add your currency levels!

we are amazed by the year 2018 and hope for 2019 to be even more amazing! we wish everyone a happy new year!
thanks for reading!

Posted: 01.01.70
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