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The update for V1.2 - What to Expect

This post will give a preview on the upcoming Update to V1.2, and will give a list of features implemented.

after a long time of no new updates (and only essential bug fixes) we have been at work and finished the update to V1.2. we initially did not plan on it taking allmost 50 days, but due to personal reasons we were struggling to work on the features we present today. either way, the features for V1.2 are some serious improvements to the service and i believe it increases the fun of the autofaucet by alot!
there are tons of smaller updates, but there are a few aspects that will be covered:
The Bits System
Shortlink Updates
Reworked Claims
Additional News
lets get into it!

The Bits System

The Bits System is the main Focus of the update. it allready allowed for multiple features in this update (more on this later), but in the upcoming updates it will become even more significant due to its potential use-cases. The Bits System is a Simple Principle. instead of requiring you to perform an action before claiming (solving a shortlink), it uses a site-internal currency called "Bits". Bits will be rewarded for Solving Shortlinks and more (more on this later). so this allows for a new style of using our Autofaucet. you can now take a few minutes of your time and do lots of shortlinks to earn bits and then lay back as you only need to claim.

most of the features in this update rely on the Bits system, but it hasnt reached it potential yet. we will soon be beta-testing new ways of earning bits. Mining, Watching Videos and making offers may soon come to RS! and its all thanks to the Bits System.

With the Addition of the Bits system, the way shortlinks work has been updated aswell. the first thing to point out is that we now use a better Revenue-sharing model. previously we adjusted the ammount of claims based on the money earned by the shortlink visit. but this was a very poor design and only worked somewhat smooth. with the updated system you will beable to earn enough bits for more than 2 Claim Sessions when solving some shorteners!

another important update is that we now use a List rather than a Serving system. previously there was no choice on which shorteners to solve, meaning that if you got stuck you were unable to solve any more. with the new list you can simply test and choose which shorteners work best for you!

Reworked Claim(Sessions)

the last big update feature is the Reworked Claim Sessions. the core principle is still the same, but we've made some user-experience improvements that we believe will be a huge improvement for some of you guys! the first update is that we've reworked the Claim-Window. Previously there was a Claim Window for Every Currency you used, now there is a combined claim window where all your currencies will be hosted. this does mean a small compromise: the claimpage will now base its timer on the Longest ammount it finds in your claims. Example: if your DOGE claim has a timer of 50 seconds it will refresh every 50 seconds. if you now also claim BTC Which has a 60 second timer it will refresh every 60 seconds.

the second feature is one we only thought about last minute. with the new claim window you will also beable to "Queue" claims. this means that you can have one Active Claim session per Currency, and Additional Claim sessions that will follow when a claim session finishes. this opens up the possibility of Queue-ing 10 Sessions of the same Currency and then leaving your Maschine for hours!

Additional News And Bugfixes

we are about to launch a Christmas Event!

the post will be updated after maintanence, thanks for reading!

Posted: 01.01.70
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