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New Site Launch(BetaTesters Welcomed) & some Updates

We've been hard at work creating a new Website to run alongside, it has tons of improvements and features that may be a part of Version 2. we also have some other anouncements and updates regarding

this is certainly the most exciting post i've written in a while - and for a good reason: we're launching a NEW site! Now while this isnt our highly anticipated Version 2, it is a very important Site to us as there is over a year of hard work that has gone into it. this is because it runs on the same baseline as Version which is currently in the works. there are alot of features originally planned for Version 2, but its also been heavily modified to bring some unique features to the table!
Alongside this we also wanted to mention some things going on with and its future.

Updates for

There's a couple changes we've made since the last post, one of them being the removal of the watch to earn feature we had released a while ago. while the initial idea was to revise it, we decided to scrap it for the time being. We've also done some changes to the Dashboard to allow for easier Chaining of Currency Runs, which can now be done by hitting the claim button repeatedly. some people may have noticed that POT claims have been disabled to prevent any new claim sessions from being started. as ExpressCrypto is expected to Delist it at the end of december. we're likely going to delist Potcoin aswell as finding an alternative payment method is not viable at this point

Turning up The Heat

Introducing Hotcrypto

Arguably the Meat of this Update Post - the Launch of our New Website! This Website has been a huge amount of work, and it certainly shows with its features. as its been over 2 and a half years since we launched a website, we wanted to make sure to pack it with lots of heat! We Combined our Trusty Earning Methods with a bunch of New Features to Make Earning Crypto Even More enjoyable!

Events - Now Even Better

Ever Since the First Event on Randomsatoshi we've loved creating events when good things happened, so we expanded on this a bunch in the new system. while only the beginning we've introduced 2 events to HotCrypto: a Multiplier Event and a Brand New Scorching Hourglass Event! The Multiplier Event is a Refined version of what we've done on Randomsatoshi until now, for a limited time you are able to earn more coins - but now its even better, more control over what to multiply allows us to do special events for some earning methods, giving different multipliers to different earning Methods and Other Fun Stuff, As its Integrated into all of HotCrypto's Systems we can even anounce them beforehand and notify you when an event is about to start!

The Scorching Hourglass has been set ablaze..

Whats the Scorching Hourglass About? its our Brand New Event Exploring a Unique Concept - Teamwork. the Scorching Hourglass is a Short but Powerful Event that Requires you to Work with all our other Users to Increase the Multiplier before the Cooldown begins. how? you have a couple hours to Earn as Much Blaze (or XP) as you can! any Blaze you Earn Get Put into the Scorching Hourglass along with everyone else's blaze which increases the Multiplier - Once the Scorching Hourglass Ends the Bonus Rewards are distributed to everyone who participated based on the booster!

Show Your Skill and Top the Leaderboards

One of Our Features are our New Leaderboards! Some of our Leaderboards even Reward you for being in the top 3! show what you got and claim the top spot in our new Competitive element!

Reach Milestones - Get Achievements

This is a Feature we've been Excited about for a while now! we want you to feel Rewarded when you do great. which is why we've added a ton of Achievements to Reward you for Any Milestone you hit! whether its your first Couple Blaze Earned, Reaching a new Level or doing lots of Offers and reaching a big number - our Achievements will Give you a little Bonus Just Because we know you did great.

there are a bunch of other Features Such as being able to receive Push Notifications for events, when you get rewarded or when a currency you wanted to withdraw gets restocked. but we reccomend checking them out yourself
When Will this Site Launch? Pretty Soon, Expect it To launch this Saturday (12.12.2020)
One more thing: To Make Sure there are no problems during the launch we would love to invite you as a Beta Tester! get a chance to test the site and give us valuable feedback! simply write us a mail and give us a Username you'd like to use so that we can whitelist you.

Posted: 01.01.70
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Randomsatoshi is a Micro-earning Site offering multiple ways to earn Crpytocurrency! We have a unique new autofaucet! you can upgrade each currency and earn using various way of earning bits, solve shortlinks, do offers, suveys or watch videos to get paid!

any problems? Feedback? want to advertise with us? write me a PM on Faucethub or shoot me a mail at [email protected]!
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