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New Withdraw System, New Daily Rewards and new information on version 2

As Promised last weekend, there have been some small updates on Randomsatoshi which will go live as soon as this post is released. We've also Included some of the Progress on Version 2!

Hello Everyone! I'm happy to Write another Post today as there are a couple good things to talk about. There Are 2 Notable Updates on the Site that You Will Beable to see Right Now! These Are Updates we've chosen to do as there was a high demand from our users.

Withdraws, Coinbase and more

Its Been a while since the closing of FH and the Faucet Community is Starting to recover. We've Been Getting Some Emails about the Experience you guys had with Expresscrypto, some were good, others werent. due to this we've made it a priority to Offer Multiple Microwallets Starting Now! Please Remember that not every Currency is Supported by every microwallet. you'll see which Currency is Supported by which Microwallet on the new Withdraw Page! The First New "Microwallet" we deciced to add is Coinbase, it was allready announced that we'd start offering payments At the Start of this month.Cough. so we've finally Added Coinbase to help you withdraw with 0 fees. Coinbase Allows that by Using your Email Address as your WalletID, so you can add your Email and submit a withdraw within seconds! Coinbase Does offer more coins than we currently have enabled for them, but we expect to enable them with time. NOTE: Coinbase doesnt care if the email is Correct or has a typo, if you submit a wrong email and withdraw to that email the funds will be sent there (even if the email isnt signed up with coinbase yet). this means that we cant reverse these faulty transactions. Please Double Check that you have the correct email!

We're Aware that Simply Adding Coinbase wont solve the problem, as the verification process on Coinbase is quite lengthy. However the good news is that implementing a third Microwallet into the new system is simple, and as these microwallets have been able to prove themselves we will add a third microwallet Soon. We've Made another poll where you may vote for your favorite!

Daily Bonus Changes

The New Daily Bonus Changes arent as major as the Withdraw Changes, but they are still worth mentioning. When we added the Daily Bonus Feature, it was a simple and quick addition with a single Captcha - Hcaptcha. Hcaptcha offers Companies to Pay for these Various Captcha Solves, these Captcha Solves will have various tasks including image recognition etc. This worked quite well for many people, but for others it didnt. So to Help Everyone Participate in the Daily Bonus we've Added the ability to Choose Between ReCaptcha and Hcaptcha. this will allow everyone to choose whichever is easier for them.

and while we're at it we've decided to make the Daily Bonus Increase for the first 7 days you claim in a row, Feel Free to check it out!

Version 2: a First Peak at the Dashboard

This is Arguably the Most Fun part of this post! Since Starting to Work on Version 2, there has been a lot of progress on the core Component of the new site - the Dashboard. i'd like to introduce a couple new features which you can expect in the new Version! please do note that both the design and functionality are still in development and may change from these previews.

The First Feature i'd Like to Introduce is the Item Feature!
as this is the first time where the assets arent designed by me i cant share them just yet (the pictures in the screenshot below are not the actual assets, and are just there for me to work with something).

as you can see in the screenshot, there are multipliers with multiple tiers that temporarily boost your Earnings, XP or even the ammount of bits you receive. i wont share too much, but there are other items aswell which will make progressing even more fun!

Other features include "Roles" which will display on leaderboards (and are used for Permissions) and Events which will have different boosters or tasks to accomplish in a given timeframe for rewards!

Version 2 is far from ready, but i hope the progress on it does make the lack of updates on the site more tolerable, with that being said i hope you guys will enjoy withdrawing to Coinbase and take advantage of the larger daily boosts :) lets hope for another update soon!

Posted: 01.01.70
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Randomsatoshi is a Micro-earning Site offering multiple ways to earn Crpytocurrency! We have a unique new autofaucet! you can upgrade each currency and earn using various way of earning bits, solve shortlinks, do offers, suveys or watch videos to get paid!

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