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This is one of Randomsatoshi's Most efficient earning methods. we have set up multiple ways to monetize hardware and get paid directly to FaucetHub

the way it works is that we use the processing power of the users mashine to generate (or "mine") Cryptocurrency. to find out more about Mining you may click Here

We Offer Multiple ways to Earn Cryptocurrency with Mining which you can read more about here:
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Randomsatoshi is a Micro-earning Site offering multiple ways to earn Crpytocurrency! you can claim free Cryptocurrency from our Faucets, level up your Faucethub account via our Autofaucets or Earn Massively via our Web, Publisher And Software Mining!
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any problems? Feedback? want to advertise with us? write me a PM on Faucethub or shoot me a mail at kullterooo@gmail.com !
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Randomsatoshi offers multiple ways to earn Cryptocurrency, but the best way is our Web, Publisher and Software Mining Feature!, you can earn upto 15k Satoshi per day!

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