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What do we offer?
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Webmining is the most simple way to mine cryptocurrency. it uses your processor to Calculate difficult mathematics. this math (also called a Hash) will then generate a small bit of cryptocurrency. once you calculated (or "mined") enough of these hashes, we will Pay you Directly to your FaucetHub Account

Software Mining Takes things up to the next level. while it does take a minute or 2 to set up, it is one of the most powerful ways to monetize your hardware! this is because it not only uses your CPU, but can also use your Graphicscard to earn 10x - 25x more!

all you need to do is download the miner and pool file, extract the miner and move the pool file into the miner's folder!

Publisher Mining makes it possible to easily monetize your visitors! not only is this Feature Fully Ad-compliant, it is also a way to monetize visitors in situations where ads simply dont work.

this feature is an easy to implement piece of code which uses the user's processing power to generate revenue! it has been simplified to be easily adjustable to your liking. you can control how much of your user's processing power is used to generate revenue.

Comming soon

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