Randomsatoshi Autofaucet
What is this?

This is our Automatic Faucet. it works similliar to a normal faucet, only that we divide the claim into automatic 30 second payouts. instead of getting the whole claim in a single payout, you reach the average claim ammount at about 4 hours.

why should i use this?

the faucet has a payout frequency of about 30 seconds, so instead of claiming every 4 - 10 minutes as you would from normal faucets, you get about 120 payouts an hour. this by itself doesnt seem useful but there are 2 things to consider:

- the payout cycle continues for upto 24 hours, meaning you can earn upto 6x of the average faucet payout in one claim (one shortlink, one captcha solve)

- Faucethub offers a level system which offer you many benefits, every faucet payout earns you 3 xp, meaning that you earn upto 360 xp per hour using our autofaucet

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BLK Earned per hour: 0.000463
XP earned per Hour: 360xp

BLK earned per 4 hours: 0.00185
XP earned per 4 Hours: 1440

BLK earned per 24 hours: 0,01111
XP earned per 24 hours: 8640

Earn 20% Refferal commision on each claim!

Referral link:

NOTE: you may have to go through a shortlink every 8 hours.
(no Captcha)